21 definitions by Joe Nazmdeh

A Hilarious Show To Watch A Kid Doing Completely Random Stuff Until U Find Out Hes 29. I feel sorry for him.
"My Glasses Are Broken!" - andy milonakis
by Joe Nazmdeh March 14, 2006
The greatest mp3 phone ever made by Sony Erricson!
I like the feeling of my W800i, it makes me orgasm
by Joe Nazmdeh January 06, 2007

Where would We Be Without them?????
Oh shit..... i think just tore my nads off with that skipping rope....
by Joe Nazmdeh January 05, 2006
The abreviation of either 'Great Britain' or 'Gigabytes'
Example 1: GB is a shit hole....

Example 2: My MP3 holds 34 GB of songs...
by Joe Nazmdeh December 01, 2006
someone that marries or dates someone just for there money.
That Sleazy Bitch was a gold digger, she stole my credit cards and had it away on her toes!
by Joe Nazmdeh January 02, 2006
When a man drives his errect penis into a womens vagina.
Darren- "Whats the matter?"

Jerry- " I saw my sister shagging my grandfather behind the couch last nite after i had been shagging my sister!"
by Joe Nazmdeh January 02, 2006
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