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1. english (prep.) - "with"
2. latin (prep.) - "with"
3. latin (conj.) (also quum, quom) - "with, when, while, because, although, since, &c"
4. english (slang n.) - "semen"
5. english (slang v.) - "to ejaculate"
6. english (slang v.) - "come"
i wanted to cum cum meretrice, sed cum i just couldn't hold it anymore, i came. She said "cum on! cur non meae manebat?!"
by joe n April 06, 2006
from the greek stem, droppicus scientificus -1. when one must unload before leaving the apartment
2. when a professor or scientist drops a test tube
1. Yo, I gots to drop some science before I get my leave on.
2. Would you check this shit! I just dropped my science all over the counter. Sho'nuff!
by Joe N December 01, 2003
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