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A guap is the object of the Guap Scale. The scale ranges from one to five, and refers solely to the hotness of females, one being the lowest, five being the highest.
1. A one guap is very...raunch. You would never even think about hitting a one guap.
2. A two guap is OK at best. Theres a 10% chance you would hit with that person, and only if your drunk, and you would NEVER tell anyone.
3. A three guap is dece, and you would definitely hit but only tell one or two people.
4. A four guap is hott, and you would definitely hit in a hot second, and you would tell anyone that asked you.
5. A five guap is the cream of the crop. She super hott and you would hit without a question, and boast about it to all your friends.
Dude that chick is a guap!

Yea she is definately a fuckin' five guap dude.
by Joe Linga May 29, 2008

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