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When your fucking a dusty wornout vagina. You pull your dick out and stick a ham sandwich in it.
Mike: Hey this girl was beggin me for a dusty lunchbox last night. But i like ham alot so i said no.

Joe: How can you say no to that!?!?
by Joe Gimm August 21, 2009
It's when you go to Toys 'R' Us, buy a fake kid steering wheel, get a hot latino women and make her fuck you while she is steering it on your chest.
Mike: Hey Zach did you go to toys 'R' us last nite and get the "Toy"?

Zach: Yeah, she gave me a mexican JOYRIDE all nite!!
by Joe Gimm August 21, 2009
When you get a really hot pale women, a white man and a black man and they fuck her in the ass and vagina!
Mike:Hey me and a black dude gave this chick a dirty dalmation last tuesday.

William: OMG i wish i was you.... or the black guy!
by Joe Gimm August 21, 2009
When you get a blender, you cum all in it and then you shit in it and then mix it up and stick your dick in it so it sticks to your dick. Some girls like it this way!
Joe: Hey man this girl wants a Soggy Nutter Butter. Can i borrow your blender?

Dustin: Sorry I need it tonight for my chick.
by Joe Gimm November 28, 2009
When you are planning to fuck your wife or girlfriend... or boyfriend in the morning but you sleep on your dick wrong and wake up with a boner that is sticking straight up!
Joe: Hey Bob I was planning on fucking your wife last night but I got a damn crooked fence!

Bob: WHAT!?
by Joe Gimm November 27, 2009
When you smack a girl's ass so fucking hard that it gets red and starts bleeding (steak) and then you eat a ton of fucking green beans and shit into her ass (salad). She will have to get on her back and stick her ass up so the it all flows in good. Once its mixed you slurp it out with a straw or take it out and freeze it for popsicles! Your choice!
Bill: I went to this restuarant in NY and got the Brooklyn Steak Salad, Delicious!

Joe: You fucking freak!
by Joe Gimm January 06, 2010

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