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Mars Blackmon first appeared in the movie "She's Gotte Have It" and was played by Spike Lee. Later on he became the Nike and Air Jordan guru from the late 80's through the early 90's starring in commercials along with Michael Jordan to promote the new line of Air Jordan shoes.
"Please, baby, baby, baby, baby, please!"

"Yo! This is Mars Blackmon and I'm chilling with my main man, Michael Jordan!"
by Joe Doc March 27, 2005
A very unfortunate looking women who lives in the same neighborhood (Watts in South L.A.) as Fred G. Sanford. She's a bible preacher that thinks Fred is the devil because all Fred and his friends do is make fun of Esther.
"Everyone's having a good time. Even Esther. She's smiling. You just can't tell because her face is in the way." - Fred Sanford

"Oh no! You can't come in here, Esther! I haven't covered up all my mirrors yet!" - Fred Sanford

"I can put Aunt Esthers face into some dough and make gorilla cookies." - Fred Sanford

Lamont - "She's in this beauty pagent competing against her peers."
Fred - "Her peers?"
Lamont - "Yeah"
Fred - "You mean Godzillas in this too?"

"I can put tracing paper over your face and trace me a moose!" - Fred Sanford
by Joe Doc March 29, 2005
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