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Lumpkin:To give or recieve a blowjob, while taking a shit on the toilet.
"dude did you hear how Austin got a lumpkin from Kyli?" "ya Garyn told me about it, thats BAMFin"

See B.A.M.F in dictionary
by Joe Bamf August 01, 2006
Asian Ski Mask:To come behind somebody, stretch ball sack over head and place testicals into eye sockets.
"dude lets get garyn with the old asian ski mask trick."

"dude you wanna see and asian ski mask?"
by Joe Bamf August 01, 2006
Fruit Basket:To tuck Balls and Penis between legs and turn around and bend over.

Kangaroo: Fruit basket, then proceed to jump around and bounce your balls.
"Dude check out my fruit basket"

by Joe Bamf August 02, 2006
Chumba Wumba: To place a midgets head into a girls vagina or mans asshole, then procide to insert penis into midgets ass.
"Gross dude Thomas just got chumba wumba'd"

"dude I got crunk last night and totaly chumba wumba'd this gurl."
by Joe Bamf August 01, 2006

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