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A series of Machine Pistols designed by John B. Ingram, produced by the Military Arms Corporation (MAC) during the 1970's for close quarters scenarios where accuracy was not a relevant factor. The MAC came in several varieties; the MAC-10- chambered in .45 ACP, the same round designed for the Colt 1911 pistol of WWII fame, the MAC-11- basically the MAC-10 shortened and suitably downsized to accept .380 auto rounds. Both of these firearms have one position retracting stocks, and to further compact the weapon, the butt folds up over the rear of the gun. The Sylvia & Wayne-Daniels M-11/9, and the Vulcan M-11-9 are both oftentimes incorrectly called the MAC-11/9, although MAC never made a model in 9mm. The MAC-10 variant found use with Special Forces units in Vietnam, where it achieved limited success. The MAC-11 is the more commonly known variant, and is used to refer to any weapon resembling the MAC-11, which includes the S&W-Daniels, the Vulcan, and the MAC-10 models. However, the MAC-11 is actually the least common variant, because it was beleived that the .380 Auto round had too little stopping power, and it's 1,200 rounds per minute rate of fire made it utterly uncontrollable in fully automatic mode. All models are known for having an exceptionally large magazine, (30 rounds for the MAC-10, and 50 for the MAC-11), whose length actually made it rather unwieldy in the close quarters it was designed for.
Dumbass gang banger: Yo, Mutha fucka, I got mah trusty MAC-11 that im gonna pawp a cap in yo ass whit!

Marine that the afformentioned gang banger is trying to intimidate: First off, the firearme you're holding, incorrectly I might add, is a Sylvia and Wayn-Daniels Model 11/9, and second, I'd like to see you try to hit me, on full automatic, sideways, with no stock, singlehandedly.

RIP gangbanger... OOH-RAH!!!!!
by Joe 2.0.3 January 19, 2010

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