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Translates out to Land Cruiser (like the naval ship)
also called the LandSchiff (Land ship)
Pronunciation: Lah-nt-Kroo-zur

An EPIC (in every semse of the term) german tank, powered by two marine diesel engines, both capable of powering a large battleship, weighing in at around 1,000 metric tonnes, with an 800mm Dora-class railway cannon. The cannon otself had to have a ten man crew just to operate it, and the shells were to be carried in a specially designed truck. Along the top of the tank were a series of 88mm flak cannons, as well as a few anti-personnel guns. The Landkreuzer would have taken 3-4 years to build, if not more, and to build a single LandKreuzer would've bankrupted the German government. the initial design was put forward by Krupp steelworks, the owner of which, at the time, would be the only person to be charged (then acquited on account of demensia) with war crimes in both world wars.
dude 1:HOLY SHIT, Look at the sketch for this fucker!

dude 2: What in the fuck is that? A Landkreuzer!?
by Joe 2.0.2 January 19, 2010

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