40 definitions by Joe Mama

penis hat
used to prevent ya splat from entering da pussy
by joe mama April 21, 2004
being stoned
I need some bonehenge man.

I went to bonehenge
by Joe Mama October 14, 2004
When dealing with "challenged" maternal units, the complex act of initiating contact.
I shot a turkey and plan to cook it.
I guess I'd better notify your mom.
by Joe Mama October 14, 2004
vagina that looks like a roastbeef canoe
by Joe Mama April 22, 2003
Canibus Sativa
Mary Jane
That was some bomb ass herb we smoked B.
by Joe Mama January 21, 2005
Ng BBS Mod who wears turtleneck sweaters and watches hockey,gourgs on Canadian bacon and syrup, and kicks unsuspecting puppies in the face
Man, you fucking dobio, look what you did to that poor puppy. You crushed his skull AND he's all sticky from syrup
by Joe Mama October 22, 2004
What Would Black Jesus Do?
"I argued with a coworker today."
by Joe Mama April 30, 2004

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