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excl. Vocal simulation of the sound of a vaudeville trombone, used to denote embarrassment or misfortune. More often directed at others than used self-referentially.
Person 1: I waited in line for six hours hoping to score the midnight release of the PS3, but by the time I got in the store, they were sold out.

Person 2: Bwah Bwah!
Artistic, musical, literary, or other creative endeavor created or produced after a similar, usually debut work by the same artist. A follow-up can be intentionally produced in order to cash in on the success of the work that preceded it, or the term can be attributed simply by virtue of the fact that the artist has produced something before the work in question.
And now with a follow-up to their 1965 smash hit "Love Me Do," ladies and gentlemen, the Zombie Beatles!

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