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Gratuitously gory and violent images provided to the American public by the media in order to satisfy a seemingly insatiable desire and pseudo-sexual need for such imagery. The public seems to "get off" on these images/scenes, especially if the images include celebrities or pariahs who attract fascination or hatred.
Jimmy: They want Obama to release photos of dead Osama.
Craigar: Why?
Jimmy: They want proof that they really killed him.
Craigar: That's not it. If they didn't kill him, he'd be on Al Jazeera taunting and mocking us right now. People want revenge for 9/11 so bad that they need blood porn too - they'll so get off on that picture. No one will need to get laid for weeks after seeing that.
by Jobin Shabe May 06, 2011
Acronym for "What Would Palin Say?". Inspired by the acronym WWJD ("What Would Jesus Do?"). Also inspired by the generally inane political commentary emerging from Tea Party favourite Sarah Palin's mouth and Twitter account. Acronym is referenced jokingly to imply that one should figure out where Palin stands on an issue, and then take the opposite stand - because of her illogical and extremist views.
Jimmy: They aren't releasing photos of Osama bin Laden's body. What do you think - Should they?

Craigar: WWPS?

Jimmy (after checking Twitter on his BlackBerry): Oh, man. Yeah, she's demanding blood porn to help satisfy her thirst for vengeance.

Craigar: Yeah, I'm going to take the opposite stance - we really don't need to see that photo.
by Jobin Shabe May 06, 2011
S&P stands for "Sunshine & Pussy" - a glorious, joyous, happy state for a man to find himself in. It is when everything in a guy's life is "clicking" and going great - the weather is great, he's having a happy time partying and enjoying life, and - most importantly - he's on a big roll with the ladies and getting laid a lot by many different women. In fact, he just can't strike out - every woman he hits on, he successfully beds.
Marsh: How's your life, man? How's your summer?

Craigar: It's been awesome. S&P, man. All sunshine and pussy.
by Jobin Shabe June 22, 2011
A hybrid word referring to a zeitgeist trailblazer - that is, someone who is at the cutting edge of the zeitgeist in terms of coining new phrases/buzzwords or devising new theories and products/services.
Elio: Hey, I just got a word I made up accepted into urbandictionary.com!

Craigar: Wow! Dude, you are such a zeitblazer! Blaze on, you crazy diamond!
by Jobin Shabe May 31, 2011
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