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Cape Verdean or Cape Verdeans. People who originate from Cape Verde; an independent nation composed of ten Islands. They speak Portuguese and Criolo (Portuguese Creole).
Cape Verdeans, who call themselves CV, are mixed of African, European and Asian ancestry. The word Creole originates from the Cape Verdean people.
They are the first Black people to immigrate to America by free will, and have been doing so since the 1600s where they aided the pilgrims. They came to America as fishermen and gave Portugal the reputation as a nation of skilled fishermen. over 90% of whalers and fishermen in early US history were Cape Verdeans. They are known as hardworking roman catholics who played an important role in US history; from the Civil war era up to the civil rights movement and on.
by Joao Fernandes November 22, 2006

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