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3 definitions by Joal McMan

Term used for approval of prescence or general interaction. A cheeky greeting which can be said in several different tones depending on the mood.
"Aww yee spally"
"Aww yee Yoseff/Alsuff"
by Joal McMan January 07, 2005
29 6
Shortened one syllable slang word for "show us".
"Shars ya epidermus!"
"Carn... shars"
by Joal McMan January 07, 2005
4 5
Word that is commonly used for yelling out of car windows at "stangers".
Most commonly means a female of inland or westie tendancies. Can also be used to describe someone outrageously ugly or ratty.
"That denim g-string makes you look like such a stanger."
"You are such a stanger."
"Go back to Lithgow where you belong you dirty stang."
by Joal McMan January 06, 2005
10 20