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Term used for approval of prescence or general interaction. A cheeky greeting which can be said in several different tones depending on the mood.
"Aww yee spally"
"Aww yee Yoseff/Alsuff"
by Joal McMan January 07, 2005
Shortened one syllable slang word for "show us".
"Shars ya epidermus!"
"Carn... shars"
by Joal McMan January 07, 2005
Word that is commonly used for yelling out of car windows at "stangers".
Most commonly means a female of inland or westie tendancies. Can also be used to describe someone outrageously ugly or ratty.
"That denim g-string makes you look like such a stanger."
"You are such a stanger."
"Go back to Lithgow where you belong you dirty stang."
by Joal McMan January 06, 2005

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