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n., A Redondo Beach wanna be metal band, so unoriginal they show their maverickiness by running around in black t-shirts & jeans like all the other wanna bes. So untalented they took the name of a modestly successful East Coast band. Wanna be Multiverse talks big but doesn’t deliver as seen by their 2008 Facebook page bragging about their again soon-to-be-released album, Perceptive Complexity (“Prepare to be destroyed!” – uh, yeah.) Like so many metal bands they confuse skill for talent & whatever skill this band has is undone by its lack of talent.

While the lead guitar has more talent & ability than his kid brother drummer, that's not saying much. Like lots of drummers he bought a huge drum kit to makes up for his talent. One member is so talented, his only contribution is “Screams”, period. Wow. While they blame their failure to release an album on having an incomplete band, adding a bass player in 2009 didn’t seem to fix the problem.

Their only “accomplishment” so far is putting up lots of YouTube clips of them wasting time laying down tracks. In short, the band has all the earmarks of a twenty-something wannabe & his kid brother who continue to leaching off of mommy & daddy, living in mommy’s basement, driving her car, & claiming the reason they don’t have jobs, much less a contract, is that they’re undiscovered, super-awesome talented musicians who need just a little more time before they’ll get that that next, uhh… first big break.
Chip: God damn, Dale! What the hell you listening to?

Dale: Oh, sorry Chip… I was just listening to some of the soundtracks the Homeland Security goons use to torture their detainees… it’s a bunch of wanna bes called “Multiverse”…

Chip: Well, turn that crap off! You're scaring the dogs!
by JoJo-Napolean June 09, 2010
(PERV – uh – tron), noun; portmanteau of pervert + electron

Ostensibly an airport security device that electromagnetically scans the entire body of the suspect, er traveler, and then delivers porn-grade, virtual images of said man, woman or child to underpaid TSA apparatchiks and the geeky technicians who maintain the device.
Sergio: Hey, Vito! Come feast yo' eyes on the piece of cheesecake that just walked into our new Pervetron-6900!

Vito: Man, those gotta be at least 36-Ds! Hey, Sergie! Zoom in there… is that a clit ring I see?

Sergio: Oh, yea! Cha-ching! We's got ourse'f a money shot!

Vito: Quick, Serge! Snap a picture with your iPhone for the collection!
by JoJo-Napolean August 04, 2010

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