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A brain deficiency causing someone to be abnormally soft, often comparable to a feathered pillow or a soft piece of diarrhea. Symptoms of this disease include: going to sleep at 9:30 pm on weekends, only being able to handle up to 5 shots in any 2 hour period, being belligerent from half a four loko, being full off half a sald, and falling asleep in random places such as buses,trains, and other peoples beds.
1. "Wow i just feel terrible for that kid, i heard he just got diagnosed with Lumsdenitis."

2. Mom: (crying) "O where did we go wrong, he used to be such a man."

Dad: "Its not our fault, he was born with Lumsdenitis"

3. "He fell asleep at 8, he must have Lumsdenitis"
by Jmoney, Blatt Blatt February 19, 2011
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