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3 definitions by JiveyT

An adorable and childish way of saying "sorry."
I gave you a disturbing mental image that will haunt you forever? I sawwy.
by JiveyT September 22, 2011
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Bacon that you find in an alley and subsequently consume despite warnings from your better judgment.
The only time Carla had bad bacon was when she ate alley bacon. It was salty, had gristly fat, and was of questionable authenticity.
by JiveyT June 05, 2013
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When you get so excited about something that you just have to tweet about it. Especially true when you don't normally write things on Twitter.
1. Ross had a tweetgasm when a newspaper wrote about his company.

2. Jay just had a tweetgasm when he finished a project he was struggling with. I know this because he just posted it on Twitter and he never uses Twitter.
by JiveyT January 07, 2010
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