15 definitions by Jiub

Biggest, abddest, stupidest, biggest, dumbest thing that wastes space; only good for teaching kids to drive because your kids won't die, the other guy will; turns every car into a speed bump.
AAAAHHH! Here comes an excursion!
by Jiub May 24, 2003
Captain of the gravy train.
One who's lost his jengajam.
If you hate Homsar so much, why don't you kill him?
by Jiub December 13, 2003
Something on your hands that never seem to fing...
Oh wait, there they go.
by Jiub September 02, 2003
What Mr. T calls people he don't like, but minues the L, so stop that jiba jaba, foo'!
You foo' betta get away from me!
I pitty da foo!
by Jiub June 16, 2003
V - To take advantage of somebody not as smart as yourself
I just Tbowledthat guy for $50.
by Jiub September 01, 2003
Situation normal, all fucked up; Often used by the US armed forces.
cheif, we have a snafu!
by Jiub May 24, 2003
A person that a lot of people hate, but not me!
Gwen Stefani is hot and I don't care what you think, so there.
by Jiub July 07, 2005
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