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1 definition by Jing Phuc

A person that possesses characteristics such as self righteousness, arrogant, foolish, aggravating, bothersome, disturbing, irritating, troublesome, vexatious, lackadaisical,
lazy, and is a lord, aristocrat, baron, bishop, captain, commandant, commander,earl, governor, king, leader, liege, magnate, man upstairs, marquis, monarch, parliamentarian, patrician, peer, potentate, prince, royalty, ruler, seigneur, sovereign, superior, viscount of that subject.

Usually associated with "ignorant bishop" or "annoying totalitarianism state"

A cock named Khanh
He forces them to practice religious rituals and turns off electricity when he feels the need.
He lets the paralyzed crawl and the meek grow weaker.

by Jing Phuc June 12, 2011