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A dude who will nude up for just about any reason and does't need to be drunk to get nekkid. The one who turns a sausage party into a nudie party...a guy like Jason.
Bud 1: Jason's partying naked again.
Bud 2: You'd be a nudie too, if you had a Locker Room Cock (LRC) like his.
Bud 1: So? He's just a show-er.
#nude #naked #nudity #nudie party #clothing optional #buck naked #penis #schlong #party naked #nudist #naturist
by Jimmy the Dick September 10, 2006
When a complete asshole takes over a private conversation already in progress an ignores one of the people previously in the conversation.

If one does this to his friends, he will soon have none.
Jason is hanging out with Seth and Brad and just talking about whatever. John comes in and starts talking about other shit that Jason isn't a part of, forcing him out of the conversation.

Eventually, Seth and Brad catch on that he is robbing the conversation and they beat the snot out of John.
#stealing the conversation #cockblock #cockblocker #asshole #conversation thief
by Jimmy the Dick September 22, 2010
It's when one uninvolved and uninvited asshole barges in on a private conversation, and dominates it to the exclusion of one of the original people who was conversing. This can be a form of cockblocking.
Jason: John is a complete asshole. Notice how he is always stealing the conversation?

Joe: Yeah, what a fucking cockblocker!
#robbing the conversation #conversation thief #cockblocker #cockblock #asshole #party idiot.
by Jimmy the Dick September 22, 2010
Combination mohawk, haircut and a goatee beard.
Dood, you're looking way cool with your hawk n tee.
#prison pussy #goatee #facial mullet #brohawk #fauxhawk #skullet #mohican
by Jimmy the Dick April 23, 2009
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