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4 definitions by Jimmy from the Ville

The accelerated state of affliction of doucheness disease which has become irreversible and leads to complete social death.


Someone so completely immersed in doucheness, that they are automatically considered as a stand-by replacement for any member of the cast of Jersey Shore.
“you know, I saw Rick S. the other day, his douchethelioma is really bad now.”

"so we called Jeannie C. and pretended to be her doctor's office with her test results – when we told her she had a raging case of douchethelioma, she asked if it was curable and we told her it was terminal.”

“that fat skank Roseann could definitely replace Mangelina next season on Jersey Shore: Corpus Christi.”
by Jimmy from the Ville October 11, 2010
Acronym for "Don't Douche It Up"

Meaning, don't inject your own special brand of doucheness into anything you don't want fucked up.
Happy Tuesday - just remember, when it comes to your day today, DDIU...

Good luck in the interview, man...DDIU.

If you want everything to work out, then DDIU, dude.
by Jimmy from the Ville September 06, 2011
a sloppy drunk, overweight, hideously ugly woman who cannot stop causing ridiculous amounts of drama online thinking she will never suffer the consequences of her actions...
Hey did you see what that chug muppet Roseann put on her FB status about Brian last night?
Yeah, but she should talk...someone's got camera pics of her giving drunk head to a homeless man after the Journey concert the other night.
by Jimmy from the Ville October 14, 2010
Someone who acts very snotty, either online or offline, and has no idea they're acting in a socially reprehensible manner.
Did you see her post on FB last night?
Yeah, she's such a douchenozzle.
by Jimmy from the Ville November 08, 2010