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The Internet. Particulary the pr0n side of the Internet which contains many dodgy aisles that may trap people in endless loops of popups and link sites.
You must be careful perusing the global porn supermarket or else you will end up with numerous trojans/virus.
by Jimmy Snuff January 04, 2005
A form of victory salute whereby someone has a karate fight against an invisible enemy.
'When I found out I got the job I just had to bust out some air karate'
by Jimmy Snuff February 02, 2006
To get into a substance induced state.

A item in disrepair.

A band from Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Did you see how rungled I was on Friday night?

Whoa check at that guys rungled shirt!
by Jimmy Snuff December 31, 2004
Based on futuristic technology, the vehicle utilises hovering technology on a self-replenishing buffet.

The Hover Buffet also includes seats so that one can gorge whilst on the way to pre-determined location.
'Man we could fully use a hover-buffet right about now!'
by Jimmy Snuff August 19, 2007
A proof baby is a child had by a woman simply to prove that somebody actually had sex with her.
FUCK!! Check out that haggard minga... that has to be a proof baby!
by Jimmy Snuff March 23, 2005
Those ridiculously oversized Goth bondage flair pants.
OMG look at that goth in those stupid vampaloons
by Jimmy Snuff December 16, 2008

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