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How everyone starts an IM convo after saying hey. It is then always followed by "nm"


sn1: sup?

sn2: nm u?

sn1: nm
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
1)A band, which, no matter how hard they try, can't sound like pearl-jam
2)A person who attempts to sound like Eddie Vedder but can't
3)An example of todays bull-shit music. Turn it off and listen to something real!!!!
See: sucky music
He's such a NickelBack!!!
by Jimmy Joe December 23, 2003
A language created by J.R.R. tolkein that was spoken by various creatures in middle earth, the alphabet tengwar was used to write it, which was an alphabet created by J.R.R. Tolkein
He was speaking Sindarin
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
An alphabet created by J.R.R. tolkein to write various languages of Middle-Earth
The scroll was written in tengwar
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
the best song ever- by RHCP
Brothers Cup
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
A radio station that idiots who dont know what they're doing listen to, if you listen to it, all you hear is the same crap over and over again
Person In Backseat: What's that wretched noise?

Ignorant Person who listens to B.S. music: That's the best radio station ever, Z100!!
by Jimmy Joe December 24, 2003
A creature described in the P. Funk song "prelude"
in the days of the funkapus...
by jimmy joe February 02, 2004

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