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Vehicle of choice for the Macho Business Donkey Wrestler.
Soon the super karate monkey death car would park in my space.
by Jimmy James May 10, 2004
n The master of the penis. Either one's own, or someone else's.
Dude, I am the freakin' DONGMASTER!

Will you be my dongmaster tonight, honey?
by Jimmy James April 10, 2003
Clembie, when you master my dong, you are the dongmaster.
by Jimmy James April 10, 2003
n 1. Knife's mode of transportation.

2. Another nickname for Knife.
You wanna take the Holdsmobile to the wine shop?

Hey Holdsmobile, how's the ol' schlong hangin'?
by Jimmy James April 10, 2003
Having sexual intercourse with someone who is at least one generation older than you.
"Hey man, you be tabling my mama?"

"Yeah, I've been tabling your mama.!"
by Jimmy James August 20, 2003
Phil's alter ego.
Potso, Skins, and Coo' D (Cold Dean) were the center of attention at the phat party in Albany.
by Jimmy James June 18, 2003
Best beer ever, term only used in a place with a well established Carlton Draught rep. Has a tendancy to make you bloated, like after a few you can't get a tight fitting ring off your hand when some fine ass hoes head over.
Hey, what's this VB crap? I asked for a CD, tell the ho behind the bar I'm a bloody Director of this club and if she wants to keep working here she'll get my order right.
by Jimmy James December 13, 2004

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