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a person who is always willing to do the act of taking a cum shot or someone who is known for always swallowing.
"Everyone in the bar knew that Amy was the town cum mop."
by Jimmy Dallas April 30, 2006
another term for a male's semen.
my girlfriend loves to drink my cocksnot after oral sex.
by Jimmy Dallas May 30, 2006
when a site changes itself so much that it looks like or reminds you of MySpace.
just about every community website I've been on is starting to look MySpaceish.
by Jimmy Dallas May 30, 2006
a word inspired by the term jibber-jabber. a term that can replace the word(s) crap, junk, shit, stuff, ect.
"I don't know why i'm getting all your mish-mash in my spot."
by Jimmy Dallas April 30, 2006
*not to be confused with the term sexually molest.

it's a phrase i started saying to most of the female people online (mainly the ones i talk to alot) to let them know i was going to message them. it can be used in the good way or bad way.
good way: "hey, you mind if i textually molest you for a minute?"

bad way: "you look good there. i'm going to have to textually molest you ;)"
by Jimmy Dallas July 11, 2006

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