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a temporary physical condition in which the breasts of an adult female are separated and thus accentuated by a strap, usually of a purse or seatbelt, that runs between them
I couldn't help but notice your purse breast separation from that seatbelt, and it is quite arousing.
by Jimmy Carr June 24, 2007
an extra large pile of feces, usually located in a toilet, which resembles a castle or chateau
Take a look in the toilet, dude. I made a super-duper shiteau.
by Jimmy Carr May 07, 2010
The v-shaped smear of feces, sweat, and butt-lint found on the rear part of a toilet seat. The v shape comes from the gap between the buttocks, and the feces, sweat, and butt-lint come from ineffective wiping techniques.
I was going to poop at the restaurant, but the only toilet there had a forbidden v.
by Jimmy Carr December 03, 2011
see purse breast separation
Your PBS caused by your purse strap is turning me on.
by Jimmy Carr June 24, 2007

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