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(Verb or Adjective) 1. To cause an individual, a group or event to suffer excrutiatingly long wait time for known or unknown reasons. 2. Something that has been delayed, slowed or halted to be improved or perfected, again for an excrutiatingly long amount of time. 3. Radiohead's LONG-awaited seventh studio album to be released sometime in 2007 (or so they say).
1. (v.) "Little Timmy's school bus driver often drank, and would LP7 their arrival to school, swerving around and taking detours during their morning route."

2. (adj.) "Until we have the moon quite figured out, it's going to be LP7 getting those moon colonies up there."

3. (v.) "Radiohead have been LP7ing us about LP7 for years now...come on!"
by Jimmy Bee May 18, 2007
(Adjective) 1. Anything in an embryonic stage. 2. Radiohead's highly-anticipated eighth studio album, with no discernible release date. 3. A person's state whose skull has exploded from not knowing any additional information regarding Radiohead's next album.
1. "In the beginning of his mother's pregnancy, Timmy was nothing more than a tiny little LP8."

2. "We finally settle a moon colony then when word came round that Radiohead's next album had no release date, the colonists' brains burst out of their heads rendering them completely LP8 and suddenly we had a real situation up here."
by Jimmy Bee January 22, 2009

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