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A list of people that you or your partner can have sex with without consequences. The list is composed of women or men that are attractive or a celebrity.
Girl: Ok, so we're done the cheat list

Boy: WTF?!?! Justin Bieber?

Girl: Ya he's hot

Boy: I'm breaking up with you
by Jimmy Balmar March 03, 2010
The "Boat" refers to the size of a penis. The expression is used when a person says when he/she talks about penis size. This statement is usually countered with the motion of the ocean.
The motion of the ocean is better than the size of the boat.
by Jimmy Balmar March 17, 2010
A childish word for a lie that seems stupid, obvious and that no one thinks is real

Commonly used by people who can't think of any other words to say, and just dome up with it on the spot
"I think of this as a bunch of bureaucratic jibery-joo"

"I think that your idea is jibery-joo"
by Jimmy Balmar April 13, 2009
When someone goes to laser quest high on marijuana hence the name stoner quest
1: I'm so bored
2: Then lets go to Stoner Quest
1: Now? OK
by Jimmy Balmar April 12, 2010
The sound that every dubstep song will have.
1: Hey, did you hear that dubstep song that goes like ninininiBWAHBWAHBWAHBWAH

2: Yeah, that song is awesone
by Jimmy Balmar January 16, 2011
A word that should never be used in a video game. Meaning to actually kill, like in real life.
1: Dude I got merked at MW2 yesterday

2: Never say merk in a video game faggot
by Jimmy Balmar December 25, 2009

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