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My neighbor's 14-year-old daughter who hangs out on the street corner in her Goth clothes and prances around her room in her underwear when she knows all the neighbors can see in her window, that slut.
Yo, Bitch, how much? Aw, shit! I know you! You JAILBAIT!
by Jiminy Cricket October 08, 2004
i) Labz
ii) Lozzatron
iii) Lovertron
I am the mongatron
by jiminy cricket August 29, 2003
The act of having sex
I had a good game of golf with the missus last night

also, crazy golf: sex while drunk and unable to tell ur actually boning a shemale
by jiminy cricket August 29, 2003
Semen, baby batter, cum.
I shot my pulp all over her face.
by jiminy cricket October 11, 2004

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