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7 definitions by JimE Ray

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by JimE Ray August 19, 2005
Used in online games to 'pwn'/scam 'nobbies' due to the fact that this command closes your current open window.
l337: To duplicate money/items drop them on the ground and press alt+f4

Nub: OK!

(nub leaves game)

l337: haha, j00 got pwnt
by JimE Ray January 24, 2005
When someone tries to accomplish something that is near impossible to look cool and/or skillful and fails miserably in the process (can happen in the gaming world and in real life). Usually results in embarrassment and ridicule from friends.
Friend: Why'd you have to go and pull heroics? Now you look like a goon
by JimE Ray January 24, 2005
Unusual way of typing 'sexy'. Odd since it takes one longer to type 'sheksi' rather than 'sexy' and most internet slang tries to shorten a word rather than increase the length of the word.
Dude: I think you're sheksi.
Gal: oh, why thank you! <3
by JimE Ray January 25, 2005
Used in online RPGs where characters communicate with words bubbles that disappear after a short time. GWG stands for 'go when gone', which means an activity should take place after that particular word bubble disappears (usually used in RPG duels).
Player 1 :Duel?
Player 2 : ok, gwg
by JimE Ray January 25, 2005
How to self-describe yourself on the internet to look very, very cool.

To say you're "pimp" just isn't
"D\/D" enough

D\/D has signed on.
by JimE Ray March 14, 2005
One who surpasses the sexiness of one 'Fabio' and adds the suffix 'io' to the end of their name. It has been known that only people with the name 'James' can do this.
Female usage: You're so sexy Jamesio!

Male usage: I wish I was as sexy as Jamesio!
by JimE Ray January 24, 2005