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Acronym for In My Anything-But-Humble Opinion.
You're giving him too much credit; the guy's a loser, IMABHO.
by Jim in NYC December 05, 2009
Acronym for Rest In Internet Peace--meant to refer to a poster who has been permanently banned from a site.
Ah, but you must remember, I liked the guy (may he RIIP - Rest In Internet Peace).
by Jim in NYC December 15, 2009
A narrower term for "nitpick," used when the discussion involves Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Tolkien, comic books, etc.
Nerdpick: not only do the above redshirts not die in this episode, one of them ends up getting the girl instead of Kirk.
by Jim in NYC October 21, 2011
To pick up one's bitch by the ankles and slap someone across the face with her.
Do you really need an example of this definition of "bitchslap"?
by Jim in NYC November 27, 2006

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