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Dublin Ohio, an affluent suburb located outside Columbus. Where police hand out three times more citations than any other Columbus suburb. Where not recieving a parking pass in the school lottery is grounds for tears, then a pass home for the day. A city where people brag about the mall, without sarcasm. Want to blast 50 Cent from your new Civic that your father bought you? You'll feel right at home, call it a whip for the win. There is however a high population of attractive mom's and highschool girls. Wear an Alligator polo(color popped)for your best shot.
Blake: (picks up book, opens)
Ashley: (sits up and looks excited and curiously)
Ashley: You Read!?!?
Blake: um... yeah
Ashley: For Fun?!?
Blake: yeah
Ashley: That's SOO COOL! I've never met anyone who reads for fun before!

Only in Dublin.
by Jim Easy October 04, 2005

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