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A small Indian dude at work who's name i can't remember and probably couldn't pronounce anyway.
"Hey look, there's Fallagio"
by Jim Blanks April 21, 2009
A 'crunit' (short for creepy units) is a measure of the number of creepy points are achieved for different activities.

Based on the fallagio scale, it is a surprisingly accurate measure of just how creepy and wrong a situation is.

Originally created by the Italians, it has been vigourously adopted by carnival workers (Carny) worldwide, who use the crunit to measure nearly every aspect of their daily lives.

NOTE - the crunit is not useful as a measure of sleaziness.
"EWW! I saw you licking your phone just then. You just won about 30 crunits"
by Jim Blanks July 13, 2009
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