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Beadlehand n. A small mutant hand.

Beadlehand vb. 1. To fail to grasp something (esp. a situation) - "No disrespect Mr Blair, but you've completely beadlehanded this whole Iraq situation" 2. To be parsimonious - "OK Mr Murdock, but if you beadlehand me on this deal I'll see you never work in media again."

Beadlehanded adj. 1. Butterfingered - "Well, Bristow is absolutely beadlehanded tonight" 2. Parsimonious - "I grew up in New Jersey, Dad was a rich city lawyer and my Mother earned more than a dime or two dancin' on tables every friday, but mother made me wear the same pair of pants 'till I was 12, every night we ate gruel, except tuesdays when it was potato stew, I guess you could say my parents were just beadlehanded"

Beadlehandedly adv. 1. In a manner expected of someone with a beadlehand
- "She fumbled for my manhood quite beadlehandedly, like a turkey wanker on his first shift" 2. Parsimoniously - "I noticed Mr Carolgees pouring the gin most beadlehandedly, like it was the last bottle in the world"
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by Jim Baxter March 31, 2004

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