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The most beautiful person in the world. She has no idea how beautiful she is. Even though I make fun of her, I love her. She is the hottest girl out there and she has the rarest name out there. She has a flat chest, but its okay because her personality and ass cover for it. Everybody thinks shes ugly but I think shes hot as fuck. She laughs everytime I make a joke and everytime I get hurt, but I forgive her because thats what a guy does to the girl he likes. She cusses daily because shes a badass motherfucker.
RetardedPoliceMan "Get out of your car miss, your under arrest for your flat chest. *Eleana gets out of car* "Well, quite an ass you got there! Never mind your free to go."
Eleana "Thanks Bitch!" *Speeds off*
by Jigglethecockbitch October 29, 2011

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