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A virtual chat room where people from around the world can meet and make friends. You have to pay real money to purchase furniture on the game, or win furniture in competitions, though it's not garunteed that you will win.

There is alot of people on the game that scam and start fights with people because he says he didnt scam them.

Svulle/Blocked Habbo AU: Spends 200AUD a month to win Battle Ball or Wabble Squabble. He is stupid and usually misses out on winning, therefore he has wasted $200. So in order to replace this $200 with Habbo furni, he scams his friends for some. He gets angry at people really easy and hasnt got many online friends, but he thinks he does. If he was to act like this in the real world which he does, he wouldnt have any friends.
by JicsinOw May 14, 2007

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