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1 definition by Jibbs 123

A fan pairing from the US TV show NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). It pairs Jenny Sheppard (J) with Leroy Jethro Gibbs (ibbs) hence the pairing - Jibbs.

Various people have been paired with Gibbs. Mann, Tony, Ducky...etc. These are made into Mibbs, Tibbs and Dibbs.

This has also been done for the fan pairing Tiva. See if you can guess the characters involved!
NCIS fan 1: So, what pairings do you like?

NCIS fan 2: Me? I'm a die hard Jibbs fan, you?

NCIS fan 1: Nah, I'm more Mibbs, personnally.

NCIS fan 2: pulls out gun and shoots NCIS fan 1 dead.
by Jibbs 123 April 15, 2009