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A noun used to describe acts of cowardice or lack of courage in the face of adversity. Originiating in South East London some time over the summer of 2010 the phrase 'Don't be a Woosnam' was frequently heard following acts of faintheartedness in situations of minor distress. Many believe it comes from the original childish phrase of similar terminology 'Naooooo you fat gay' which fissled out of mainstream usage following the emergance of the Woosnam. However contrary to popular usage it has been know to be used with an ironic twist and acted as an aide into goading persons into overly foolish acts (See Example Two)
Example 1

Person 1: I can't finish my Carslberg, it's too strong ...


Rest of Group: Don't be a fat Woosnam

Example 2

Person One : Yes John, down that crate

Person Two: I'm having second thoughts mate, I think that might be a bit too much

Person One : Don't be a fucking Woosnam

Person Two : Alright then
by Jheeze and Biscuits September 26, 2010

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