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1. To go out and walk the streets to make cold hard cash for sexual favors

2. To work a legal (yet demeaning and soul-crushing) job for little pay and almost no respect. The lack of money and respect (yet abundance of demeaning acts) results in similarities to prostitution. Also, both jobs have a certain "uniform" attached to them)
1. Scantily clad woman walking down Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando, FL

2.Working at Winn Dixie as a bagger (While legal, pays little in terms of cash or respect. The resulting shame is akin to prostitution)

person 1: "do you work today ?"
person 2: "yeah i'm the bagger today"
person 1: "well you better get out of here
and go walk that stroll"
by Jharden August 05, 2008

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