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Mint-flavored cigarretes.
"Why do black people like menthols so much?"

"Uh...I don't know-"

"-That's correct! Nobody knows....nobody knows..."
by Jghd erguiordf August 15, 2006
Ain'tcha heard? It's that new show where they take one white guy and make him live with six of the craziest black people.
From The Mad Real World:

White guy: "Tyree...you stabbed my dad! And you had sex with Katie."

Tyree: "Now wait a minute you got that all wrong. I ain't have sex with Katie. Lysol had sex with Katie. I just filmed-ed it."

Katie: "Yeah, Tyree, you had sex with me too..."

Tyree: "Correction. I had sex with Katie."
by Jghd erguiordf August 19, 2006
To have sex. Can't have a much more simple definition than that. The place where you have sex is often referred to as the scene of the crime.
I would like nothing less than to do the crime with Carmen Electra.
Doesn't really matter where.
by Jghd erguiordf August 19, 2006
The area, most likely a room, in which one has had sex the previous night.
"Man, why is there cum all over the walls? You need to clean up the scene of the crime."
by Jghd erguiordf August 19, 2006

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