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a person who cares alot about the lives and well-being of animals so much that they abstain from eating all animal products and also do not buy any products which are tested on innocent animals.

Vegans follow a natural diet of only vegetables, seeds, fruit, legumes, etc.

They have the same selection of non-vegans, only the food is made with those listed in the "diet" part.

A vegan diet can decrease your risk of cancer, lung disease, obesity, and high cholesterol.

Meat substitutes can be just as tasty as regular meat, depending upon your tastes.
"I am a Vegan.";
"Jane Doe is a Vegan"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
A combination of being "drunk" and "stoned," a.k.a., "intoxicated" and "high/baked"
"I'm droned out of my mind.";
"Are you droned, sir/miss?"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
1)A term of frustration
fuck, dang, darn, damn

2)Another term for something annoying
annoying, a piss off, aggravating

Can be combined with seeltz:
"Seeltzu seeltz!"
"Ah, seeltzu!";
"Well, that was seeltzu."
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
1) A term of frustration
shit, dang, darn, damn, etc.

2) An insult for someone/thing who/that has angered you.
piece of shit, idot, dumbass, fool, etc.

Also see: "seeltzu"
1) "Seeltz!"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
A term of nusance, annoyance, frustration.
fucking shit, darn, damn, dang, etc.
"Crimany-A! That Saddam is rellay getting on my nerves!";
"Crimany-A! Where's the remote!"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
To commit an illegal activity, eg. drug usage, theft, etc.
See also: "Fukktchrch"
"Let's go and fukkchrch.";
"Want to go fukkchrch?"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004
A word of approval; An alteration of "bitchen."
Sweet; Cool; etc.
"That's a beeltzen ride!"
by Jexirian/JOssius/Nix May 05, 2004

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