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1 definition by Jew Burner 666

The act of being jewish. Such as picking up pennies. You must know before it has been done though.
You could also before curling your hair.
Example 1:

Tommy Kiole: Hey im going to pay for gas. Did you bring money?

Johnathon Flotie: Na, ill probably look around on the ground and start "jewing it up"

Tommy Kiole: Alright.

Isahia Hebrewburg: I take offence to that!

Johnathon Flotie: We don't give a shit, Damn jew.

Isahia Hebrewburg: I'm gunna' kick your ass!

(50 cal. is shot from distance, peirceing the snorty jews brain, killing him)

Everyone there: hahaha, damn jews.

Example 2:

Brianne: Finally we are at the plastic surgen! What kind of nose should i get? Big, small, or medium?

Louise the Prejudice Lady: What the hell? Why don't you curl your damn hair, and pick up pennies, and start being good at math too, if you get a big ass nose?

Brianne: What are you talking about?

Louise the prejudice: Im just pretecting you, i don't want my best friend to start "Jewing it up"
by Jew Burner 666 November 06, 2011