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The feeling of extreme pleasure and borderline orgasm experienced either during or after the consumption of a Chipotle burrito. Does not occur in tragic incidences of blueburrito.
I reached burrital climax as I finished my Chipotle burrito, a warm sensation of orgasm controlling my muscles and sending me into a deep, vigorous full body spasm.
by Jetty Pattman January 17, 2009
When a man or woman is called and/or forced away from his or her Chipotle burrito after heavy oral, esophageal, and stomachal stimulation, but pre-burrital climax. The result is a feeling described as a mixture of longing and hatred: a yearning for the comfort of the burrito once again and an intense animosity towards the person or activity that has robbed the consumer of such an orgasmic taste experience. In extreme cases, being blueburritoed can result in a complete lack of burrital climax.
Milton was blueburritoed by his girlfriend as she demanded sex from him mid-burrito.
by Jetty Pattman October 04, 2008
Of, or pertaining to, a burrito.
After going to Chipotle, Wilma experienced a level of burrital stimulation she had never experienced before.
by Jetty Pattman January 17, 2009

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