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A college basketball annoucer for ESPN that kisses every good teams' ass.He is annoying and yet funny at the same time.He uses stupid phrases like Diaper Dandy, PTP'er(Prime Time Player) and my personal favorate HE'S A SKYWALKER(always yelled).
Also known as Dickie V.
Jim: Did you watch that Duke and North Carolina game?
Bob: Yea Dick Vitale was kissing JJ Redick's ass even though he was sucking.
Jim: Well he always does that.
Bob: But JJ bounced a shot of the corner of the backboard though.
Jim: ...Oh I thought he only liked things when they are good.
#college basketball #espn #acc #fair weather fan #won't shut up
by JesusFuckin'Christ April 13, 2006
1)Team that owns every other lesser team,hard.

2)The most hated team in the country by the media and public.
Joe: Did you see the Redskins kill the Cowboys?
Bob: Yea, the media must be mad at the Redskins for making Keyshawn cry.
#tits #sean taylor #joe gibbs #clinton portis #ass kicking
by JesusFuckin'Christ May 08, 2006
West Virginia's halloween pastime.

Jethro: Whatcha gonna do on halloween?
Billy-Bob: I'm gonna pumpkin.
Jethro: What a great idea!
#hick #west virginia #mountaineer #incest #redneck
by JesusFuckin'Christ May 08, 2006
1) To rape a stripper.

2) To suck off a referee so you can get every questionable call.
James was horny but poor so he blue deviled a sripper.

Billy's basketball team sucked so he pulled a blue devil on the referee.
#stripper #suck off #duke #sucks #wang
by JesusFuckin'Christ May 08, 2006
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