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3 definitions by JessicaInSeattle

A cubiclite is someone who works in an office cubicle.
If you aren't careful, you're going to become one of those cubiclites. You'll spend the whole day shuffling paper and if you work there long enough, one day, I'll come visit you at work and I'll find you hugging your stapler.
by JessicaInSeattle July 15, 2008
7 5
A female friend who has surpassed the definition of friend and moved on to become more like a sister.
I can tell her anything. She's become my friendister.
by JessicaInSeattle April 24, 2012
1 0
Shortened version of "Grinning"
I wasn't just smilin', I was grinnin'!
by JessicaInSeattle August 01, 2011
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