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The most beautiful island in the world. Found just off the North West coast of Scotland, where most of the time it rains - and if it isn't raining, it's bound to sometime that day. On the off chance it's sunny you'll find hordes of American tourists clambering off enormous American buses, clad in terribly unflattering shorts and looking disgusted when it rains a few seconds later. These type of tourists are usually greeted with derisive looks from the locals, who know better and are wearing oilskins and boots, or at least are carrying some form of waterproof clothing on their person.

Popular place for men to propose to their girlfriends, or go to for a romantic honeymoon. Lively nightlife on a Friday or Saturday, think whisky, pubs, occasional kilts and teuchy music.
People born and raised on Skye are known as Sgitheanachs, and are the friendliest people to be found in the world. Male sgitheanachs emit masculinity like there's no tomorrow and female sgitheanachs are stunning.
by Jessica Macdonald May 24, 2007
Someone who has nothing but air filling the space where their brains should be. Typically used to describe a teenage female who is dyed blonde, cute pretty and ditzily dumb.
Hey have you met Courtney yet?

Ohmygod yeah like I know... she's such an airhead.
by Jessica Macdonald May 24, 2007

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