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Noun; Breep:
A large expulsion of gas expelled through the mouth and anus, by only using the mouth; a fart and a burp.
It is a rare skill, the only person to posses this ability is Doug

Verb; Brept:
The past-tense of breep; a breep that has already happened.
"Doug can breep."
"Doug just sept a tasty breep!"
"Ayo just inherited Dougs massive breep!"
"After getting fucked up last night and the night before Doug found the rare opertunity to breep in Joes wide-open mouth."
"Mac recorded the elegant noise of a breep on his phone."
"I long for the ability to breep."

"Doug brept."
"I crept up and brept in his face. It heels!"
"I brept in a borruto that later was propelled at Ayos unsuspecting face!"
by Jesse M Clark March 01, 2007
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