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The hairstyle many white people attempt to have, but in reality should never be worn by white people.
Hey, just stop and look in the mirror. You look like a damn fool.
by Jesse Forristal August 20, 2005
...*sigh*...Pretty fucking pathetic. I saw a "championship" match with the stands full of people. First, how do you win something that's fake to begin with? Isn't it just DECIDED by the owner and PRs who wins, therefore, no one really wins based on technique or ability? Second, who the fuck are the redneck, lowlife, fat, one-tooth-having, retarded pieces of shit who pay money to see the bullshit "wrestling", or whatever its called. They should save the money they use to buy tickets and buy a TV for their motorhome.
god...damn...it. I don't even know what to say about the WWE anymore...
by Jesse Forristal June 09, 2007
Murderer! The infamous, sucker punching, pussy who very well might have killed Harry Houdini! Houdini died of peritonitis due to a ruptured appendix. But he did not seek medical attention because he figured the pain was from the punch rather than his exploded appendix.
Fuck J. Gordon Whitehead
by Jesse Forristal August 26, 2008
People who continue to try to convert and annoy anyone who is not christian. Whenever you are at the beach or the mall some asshole will come up to you with a bible in one hand and cross in the other and tell you how you are wrong for not following christianity. The funny thing is that they are passing judgment on you! Which is a sin by their standards!
"You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things."

-Romans 2:1

Now explain that, you fucking hypocritical bastards! christians are ridiculous.
by Jesse Forristal July 10, 2008
It's the technical term for vagina.
Watch the South Park episode "The Snuke" for the usage of the word Snatch.
by Jesse Forristal September 09, 2008
When a man is awesome in bed and pleases the woman(s) until she comes as many times as she wants.
"Oh my god, that was so good....it was dicktacular!"
by Jesse Forristal June 09, 2007
what the niggas be using to comunicate...really loudly
Black nigga 1: *Chirp* ay wussup happenin ma nigga? *chirp*
Black nigga 2: *chirp* jus out here grindin my nigga. *chirp*
White nigga: can you negroes have your conversation quietly and civilizied. Geez.
by Jesse Forristal May 10, 2007

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