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192 definitions by Jesse

Origin: "Yer awesome!"

A sarcastic insult generally used when someone or something is very kee. Kee and oss can be used in the same sentence to create more variety and affectiveness.
"You're an oss person!"
"Oss guy!"
by Jesse May 03, 2004
This word can mean anything.

Generally, it is a shortened version of "What's up?"

However, it can also mean, "I stole your CD player." or a million other things, based on the tone of voice.
by Jesse August 11, 2003
A movie that despite being meant for psychotic people with a snuff film fetish, is loved by everyone, including cute sweet asian girls...
people like saw. WHY
by Jesse October 15, 2006
An update to this word:

Point of Existence is a mod for the Battlefield seris starting with Battlefield:Veitnam and beyond.

This mod offers a wide base of weaponry, vehicals, and armys, which are all of the highest quality.

Some of the armys:
~and more!~

This mod is great because the community atributes to it, and all that the community says is taken into consideration by the dev team.

POE owns any other mod that dares to cross it's path.
Living Ghost: Dude, Opteration Sabre is like one of the best maps besideds Blue Nile.
Kerry: Yeah, and I hope they keep working on those new army's, I can't wait until I get to test them.
Living Ghost: Hey, mayble they'll include Hungary? :)
Kerry: Oh jsut shut up about Hungary Ghost...
by Jesse August 17, 2005
usualy taken as a complement but meant as an insult, C.U.T.I. is an acronym for: cronic urinary tract infection
"Ben has a CUTI"
"navis so irritating hes like such a CUTI"
by Jesse March 18, 2005
whoever said it means hella is hella stupid! the real meaning is whatever you want it to be.
Oh hesha fuck! You hesha!
by Jesse June 07, 2003
A contraction of fucking and rank. Similar in style to fugly. Something is f'rank if it is extremely rancid. Can be used in any situation where expressing your disgust is required.
As I entered the room a f'rank smell filled my nostrils. Nasty!
by Jesse March 07, 2005