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whoever said it means hella is hella stupid! the real meaning is whatever you want it to be.
Oh hesha fuck! You hesha!
by Jesse June 07, 2003
A contraction of fucking and rank. Similar in style to fugly. Something is f'rank if it is extremely rancid. Can be used in any situation where expressing your disgust is required.
As I entered the room a f'rank smell filled my nostrils. Nasty!
by Jesse March 07, 2005
What my cat has been lately. A female cat who commits multiple misdeeds.
These include hanging on screen doors, using good furniture as scratching posts, climbing on things she's not supposed to, and so on.
by Jesse January 23, 2005
someone online that you lust after without needing to meet them, communicate with them, or having any sort of contact with them. is also similiar to TV/Movie boy/girlfriend.
I was searching through some pictures on mostbeautifulman.com and totally found my new internet boyfriend. he is a hottie for sure!
by Jesse January 07, 2004
Pussy or just a great piece of ass. Use it when shoping with grandma and friends.
While friend Jesse and Gary where out shoping with Jesus and a hot big breasted tight assed woman walks by Jesse says "Look at that tight little kittie" While Jesus ask "What? I dont see a pet store"
by Jesse February 26, 2005
Cocaine: blow, da white, The BUUtah, baah tear, the butter
Man I could use a pick me up, who's holding the heat?
by Jesse August 19, 2004
The most over rated band of all time.

The main stream's version of good music.

However, a fairly good band.
OMG Radiohead is the BEST BAND EVER!!! OF ALL TIME!!!!

too mad to go on
by Jesse July 31, 2004

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