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n.,the overindulgence in the whole "grrl-" prefixation.
Grrl-this, grrl-that, she's really grrlcrazy.
by Jesse December 14, 2003
to engage in a negative, manufactured complain-based campaign against an incumbent officeholder.
Look at that idiot Kerry -- he's just camplaining.
by Jesse December 14, 2003
A mysterious typo which has a hidden meaning. Not even it's owner can fully understand it.
Damn, you dirty ass pwebfo. Get off my lawn.
by Jesse August 26, 2003
when someone else is checking you out.
Man, that chick is totally hoopdoggin' on you bro.
by Jesse May 21, 2003
Simply the ultimate, and most dominate embodiment of the male figure.
Jesse THEBODY .. yes..
by Jesse February 28, 2005
a annoying person wit simalarites to a ass and a dog.
"That richard is sure being a little assdoggie"
by Jesse February 14, 2005
the act of chilling in the street corner with your homies
Yo, fo chessy, we's finna chilliad.
by Jesse October 30, 2004
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