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192 definitions by Jesse

When a man has a semi-flaccid penis that is saliva coated after recieving oral sex, he smacks the girl who preformed the oral sex in the face with his penis.
"I gave that bitch the shrimp smackdown." I need to give some bitch the shrimp smackdown tonight." "She let me give her the shrimp smackdown."
by Jesse April 04, 2005
18 7
V. To engage in anal intercourse with two men at the same time, while simultaniously engaging in fellatio with different men, also at the same time.
I watched Pat to the DODA last night. does that make me gay?
by Jesse March 03, 2003
42 31
bitches who follow thier leader,
someone who cant fight alone,
someone scared of bigger kids so they get backup,
someone who thinks its cool so joins not knowing he's being the real "gangstas" bitch,
basically a dumbass who cant defend himself or stand alone also known as pussies,
"gangsta" yo fagot did u juss mak fun o my set bitch?
"me" dude i live here too
"gangsta"i gittin my dawgs on your ass yo
"me" dude shut the fuck up, and take me on alone
"gangsta" ahhh , suspect, lil joker,kid, lil devil, fuck come here im gittin some disrespect over here
by jesse February 17, 2005
55 45
It's a Final Fantasy for little kids.

Easy, but okay.
I beat Final Fantasy Mystic Quest in one day, and I never died.
by Jesse January 26, 2004
27 17

Everything is ok.
Its all good.
"Yo J-dag how you doin mang?"
by Jesse November 16, 2003
14 5
White n*gger.

A caucasian male that "Talggs lige diss dizzawg" because he believes that all black people talk in that way, even though black people are aware that the letter k is NOT the letter G.

Generally, they listen to "music" that consists of offensive or incomprehensible lyrics and simplistic and repetitive rhythms. These males talk as if they've had many girlfriend while most of them have never been on a date.

Girls seem to be attracted to them for unknown reasons.
Danny thought he was danny-dawg, but he's just danny-dawgshit
by Jesse July 19, 2005
31 23
To be a rebellious hardocre anarchist-communist by buying mass-produced anarchy patches and spiked jewlery from CAPITALIST stores such as Hot Topic. Basically, rebellion against capitalism created by capitalism to produce profits.

Good job, capitalists. :-) You really convinced those morons to give you money. Gotta hand it to you.
Duuuude, we're hellllla sick. We got these anarchy patches and angry T-Shirts from Hot Topic. Linkin Park is so cool man, their whiny angst about being rich and white and upper-middle class really gets through my thick skull to my dead brain, dude. YEaaaah.
by Jesse January 26, 2004
12 4